Event Calender

1.03.2019, Friday

7PM FP: Tribute to musical. For the end of the carnival. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Krzysztof Herdzin (piano, conductor)

2.03.2019, Saturday

8.30PM MCK, foyer: Ricky-Tick! The Floor Awaits! – knees-up, the 1920s and 30s. Hosted and performed by Przedwojenne Piosenki duo

5.03.2019, Tuesday

7PM AM, Staszica 3: Special concert as part of the 17th Old Music Days. Michael Schmidt-Casdorff (traverso flute)

8.03.2019, Friday

6PMMuzeum Fotografii: „Through a mother’s & father’s eyes photography” – vernissage

7PM FP: For Women‘s Day. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk (conductor), Krzysztof Jakowicz (violin)

10.03.2019, Sunday

11.30AM AM, Staszica 3: CCVIth Music Morning for children and parents

4PMAM, New Palace in Ostromecko: Academy In Palace. Agata Nowakowska-Gumiela (piano), Tomasz Gumiela (piano)

5PM FP: All The Bach‘s Cantatas. Chamber Orchestra Capella Bydgostiensis, Kai Bumann (conductor), Joanna Radziszewska-Sojka (soprano), Daniel Rybicki (flute)

12.03.2019, Tuesday

4.30 and 8PM Impresariat Artystyczny ITD, Opera Nova: Great Jubilee Gala Concert of the Song And Dance Ensemble „Mazowsze”

7PMAM, Staszica 3: Special concert as part of the 17th Old Music Days. Featuring the works of the most brilliant composers of the 17th and 18th century.

16.03.2019, Saturday

7PM Adria Art, Filharmonia Pomorska: Mikromusic & Skubas – concert

17.03.2019, Sunday

12.00AM AM, New Palace in Ostromecko: Academy For Cildren

12.00AM, New Palace in Ostromecko: Hey, Spring – Academy For Children Music Morning

20.03.2019, Wednesday

7PM FP: Baroque Chamber Evening. Chamber Orchestra Capella Bydgostiensis, Rudolf Tiersch (conductor), Marta Gębska (violin), Waldemar Kośmieja (violin)

21.03.2019, Thursday

7PM MCK: Bydgoszcz Academy Of Jazz – concert

22.03.2019, Friday

7PM FP: Saying Hello To Spring. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra. Zbyněk Müller (conductor), Konstanty Andrzej Kulka (violin)

23.03.2019, Saturday

8PM, MCK: Lion Shepherd – concert

24.03.2019, Sunday

6PMAM, FP, A. Szwalbego 6: Symphonic concert. Szymon Nehring (piano)

26.03.2019, Tuesday

7PM AM, Staszica 3: CCLXXXIXth Bydgoszcz Music Tuesday

28.03.2019, Thursday

7PM MCK: TURBO. The Last Warrior Tour. Supported by Hellhaim and Okrütnik

7PM Galeria Wspólna, Batorego 1/3: Darek Kondefer: Łódź – vernissage

31.03.2019, Sunday

6PM MCK: All you need is love – artists agains hate – concert

7PM Impresariat Artystyczny ITD, Opera Nova: Raz Dwa Trzy – „Important Songs” – concert