Event Calender

4.01.2020, Saturday

6PM KPCK: Hey, Carol! – New Year Highlands Folk Concert

5.01.2020, Sunday

4PM New Palace in Ostromecko: To Carol For The Little One – concert by Quadrans band

6.01.2020, Monday

2PMMCK, screening room: Christmas Concert And Goodness Was Born performed by the song and dance ensemble Płomienie

9.01.2020, Thursday

7PMON: The Bat – operetta by Johann Strauss

10.01.2020, Friday

6PM KPCK: Julia Doszna and Mirosław Bogoń: Good Evening To You, O Host Of Ours – evening of carols and traditions according to the Eastern Church

11.01.2020, Saturday

7PM MCK, screening room: Impro Stage – Improvisational Theatre wymyWammy: new Year – New Me + IGLU – Improvisational Theatre of Ljubljana: Chairs

12.01.2020, Sunday

12PM AM, New Palace in Ostromecko: Academy For Children – A Little Waltz On Skating Rink

4PM New Palace in Ostromecko: Memory – Joachim Perlik sings Czesław Niemen

4PM AM, FP, Szwalbego 6: Carnival Concert

7PM AM, FP, Szwalbego 6: Carnival Concert

15.01.2020, Wednesday

7PM FP: Duo Granat & Kreda. Chamber Orchestra Capella Bydgostiensis, Maciej Tworek (conductor), Tamara Granat and Adrian Kreda (pianos)

16.01.2020, Thursday

7PM AM, Staszica 3: CXLIInd Organ Concert

7PM Galeria Wspólna, Batorego 1/3: Marek Model – Drawings – vernissage

18.01.2020, Saturday

12PM Staromiejski Bridge:„My Family, My City On Historic Photographs” (100th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Returning To Poland)

1PM Ossolińskich Alley: Symbolic Name Giving: Oak Of The 100th Anniversary (Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Returning To Poland)

19.01.2020, Sunday

11.30AM AM, Staszica 3: CCXIIIth Music morning for children and parents – Little White Waltz

2PM Stary Rynek: Historic Staging (Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Returning To Poland)

4PM New Palace in Ostromecko: Jubilee, New Year’s recital by Basia Stępniak-Wilk You’ll Find Me Under The Christmas Tree Once Again

4PM „Lemara” barge: Knees-Up Twenties Style. (Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Returning To Poland)

4.30PM UKW Music Education Department, St. Vincent à Paulo’s Basilica: Gala Concert for the 12th edition of All-Polish Academy Choirs Festival „Academy Caroling”

20.01.2020, Monday

1PM Stary Rynek: Oficial Celebration with military ceremonial (Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Returning To Poland)

5PM MOB, Spichrze nad Brdą, Grodzka 7–11: „Towards Freedom. Bydgoszcz 1914–1920”. Exhibition celebrating Bydgoszcz returning to motherland

21.01.2020, Tuesday

7PM AM, Gdańska 20: CCXCVth Bydgoszcz Music Morning. Tatiana Kirpichenok (Moscow) – piano, Bohdan Koval (Bańska Bystrzyca) – piano

24.01.2020, Friday

7PM FP: American Pops Concert. Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij (conductor)

7.30PM MCK, screening room: OldNova - concert

25.01.2020, Saturday

4PM AM, Grodzka 1: Musica Spiritus Movens. Works by C. Saint-Saëns, G.F. Haendel, S. Rachmaninow

26.01.2020, Sunday

2PM–5PM New Palace in Ostromecko: Music Saloon in New Palace – performed by Tomasz Gumiela

28.01.2020, Tuesday

7PM ON: Don Carlos – opera by Giuseppe Verdi

31.01.2020, Friday

7PM FP: Movies Improvisations. Chamber Orchestra Capella Bydgostiensis, Waldemar Kośmieja (artistic supervision), Filip Presseisen (organ). Hosted by Magdalena Miśka.