IMPRODROM 2017 - warsztaty - dzień trzeci

g. 10-14 - Improv toolkit - Mateusz Płocha – koszt: 60 zł

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Na tym warsztacie zyskasz szereg umiejętności i technik, które pomogą ci doszlifować swoje improwizatorskie emploi. Pochylimy się nad problemami, które macie w scenie i nad tym co nie pozwala uwolnić waszego potencjału.

g. 10-13 – Shakespeare - Alan Cox, ciąg dalszy, warsztat dwudniowy (sobota, niedziela) - warsztat w języku angielskim

This workshop will explore some of the key elements of Shakespeares work. The key aim of this workshop is to find games that improvising performers can play that already exist in Shakespeares work. This workshop will not be a lecture, but a practical exploration. Some of the things we‘/l focus on: Shakespeares world, Comedy Tragedy History Romance, lambic Pentameten Simile and Metaphor. Soliloquies, Speeches, Asides, Chorus... and more!

g. 10-13 – Musical - Sean McCann, ciąg dalszy, warsztat dwudniowy (sobota, niedziela) - warsztat w języku angielskim

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g. 14-17 - Worlds We Want to Play In - Liz Peters, koszt: 80 zł - warsztat w języku angielskim

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In improv the worlds we inhabit are limited only by our imagination, yet we often end up as talking heads in the middle of an empty space.

We have the power to create vivid worlds using staging, physicality and precise object / environment work, that are more interesting to watch and play in.

When we transport our scenes to specific places they become rich and memorable. As players we gain clarity that makes improvising easier and more fun.

So let‘s make the stage a playground that inspires us and create worlds we want to play in. Because we can be anyone, anywhere!