Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE

A lot of people think that animation equals cartoons for children. An opinion like this cannot be more wrong! A fine example of the fact that the situation is completely different is Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE.

This event is focused on an ambitious cinema. The kind of animated cinema that is searching for its artistic character.


It is particularly important for the organizers of ANIMOCJE to find those who boldly introduce interesting and innovative solutions in the art of animation as well as use traditional animation techniques in a non-standard way.

The Festival has been organized in the City Centre Of Culture in Bydgoszcz since 2011. Its creator and coordinator is Weronika Płaczek. The last three editions received positive opinions from media, audience and the artists themselves. Artists who very willingly submit their movies for the festival’s competitions.

From the very beginning the ANIMOCJE audience has been able to meet interesting works of the world of animation. A few dozens of carefully selected animations from all over the world have been presented during the festival. Although it is a fairly young festival – ANIMOCJE hosted artists like Mariusz Wilczyński, Wiola Sowa, Wojtek Wawszczyk, Paulina Majda, a critic and animation specialist Jerzy Armata and Yach Paszkiewicz, who is called “the father of Polish music videos”.

Competition screenings are accompanied by numerous workshops, exhibitions and a large quantity of good music. The concerts take place in the CCC’s concert hall and in Café Szpulka placed in the CCC’s foyer (Marcinkowskiego 12-14). The modern building that is the seat of the CCC is a perfect example of revalorization of a classic structure and adjusting it in order to meet the requirements of a centre of culture.

The nowadays seat of the CCC is in fact, in a historical sense, the same building which contained a pre-war “Orzeł” cinema. Today a cinema bearing the same name is located within the new building. It was opened in March 2012. “Orzeł” cinema is the festival centre for ANIMOCJE.

Tradition is an obligation and maybe that is why there is a bright future ahead of ANIMOCJE.

Animated Movies Festival ANIMOCJE 2017 will take place on 23-29 April in Bydgoszcz.